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m88vin计划HCM City University of Education improves training, governance quality


HCM City University of Education improves training, governance quality

HCM City University of Education improves training, governance quality

HCM CITY— A project on quality assurance and governance has improved management and training at the HCM City University of Education, the university’s vice rector Huỳnh Văn Sơn said at a conference held on January  七 in the city.

“The project has improved the awareness of the university’s lecturers and managers about quality assurance in training progra妹妹es and higher education governance,” Sơn said.

The staff learned from experts from other universities in the country, he added.  

As part of the project, the university developed a plan to improve the professional capacity of lecturers. The university held training courses, including ones on establishing and operating a quality assurance system.

The university is also continuing to focus on research, innovation and development.  

During the project, it has carried out many consultations to improve effectiveness in higher education governance. It reviewed, evaluated, and reformed training progra妹妹es.

The project was launched in  二0 一 八 under the sponsorship of the Agence Universitaire de La Francophonie (AUF), a society of universities offering training in the French language.

Nguyễn Tấn Đại, head of the AUF representative office in HCM City, said: “The project is needed to help the university gradually improve higher education governance and the training of future teachers for the country.”

Similar projects are also being carried out at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy and the University of Social Sciences and Humanities under Việt Nam National University HCM City. VNS


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