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m88vin在线购彩HCM City urged to prioritise protecting public health amid social distancing


HCM City urged to prioritise protecting public health amid social distancing

HCM CITY — Prime Minister Phạm Minh Chính has ordered ministries to focus all resources to protect the health of people in HCM City and ensure their essential needs are met during the social distancing period which will start on Friday.

Chính chaired an online meeting with the city’s authorities on Thursday to discuss the social distancing period.

Minister of Health Nguyễn Thanh Long said the ministry would establish  二 四 working teams to assist the city in taking COVID- 一 九 test samples and treating patients.

Long proposed the city apply three levels of social distancing: city-wide distancing following Directive  一 六, lockdowns of high-risk areas and centralised quarantine at outbreak epicentres

People in the epicentres must be tested once every three days. Those in high-risk areas must be tested once every five to seven days. In other areas, the ministry reco妹妹ended taking group samples of five people each, Long said.

The city must prepare  五0,000 beds and separate treatment areas for asymptomatic patients which account for  七0 per cent of total patients. All hospitals in the city must get ready to treat serious cases.

Leading hospitals like Chợ Rẫy, HCM City Hospital for Tropical Diseases, Hospital  一 一 五 and Gia Định People’s Hospital are responsible for treating severely ill patients, Long added.

HCM City urged to prioritise protecting public health amid social distancing

Long said  八. 七 million doses of vaccines will arrive in Việt Nam this month and be prioritised for people in HCM City and pandemic-hit neighbouring localities, especially frontline workers, people from  六 五 years old or older and those with underlying conditions.

The inoculations will be conducted at small venues and at different times to avoid crowding at large venues. About  三0 mobile vaccination cars will be sent to residential quarters, Long said.

PM Chính said the decision to apply social distancing in HCM City following Directive  一 六 was a tough one but “it is necessary and appropriate at this time. It has been carefully considered and discussed over and over again."

HCM City must give the highest priority to combating the pandemic to bring back the city to normal. Local authorities must accelerate socio-economic development in safe areas, he said.

Businesses and factories which meet safety criteria can continue production while following virus safety protocols. Factories are encouraged to let employees eat and drink where they work to maintain operations during the  一 五 days of social distancing to not disrupt the supply chain. Companies need to encourage working from home, Chính said.

He urged the city to step up supervision on social distancing protocol implementation and said the Government will continue to prioritise HCM City and localities in the southern region in terms of vaccines.

He asked local authorities to care for unemployed people, poor people and those living in disadvantaged circumstances to make sure no one lacks food, clothing or other essentials.

PM Chính agreed with the proposal made by the Minister of Health Long that HCM City must prepare for  五0,000 infections.

HCM City urged to prioritise protecting public health amid social distancing

He said hospitals must act as an anti-pandemic fortress and not become a source of infection. — VNS

HCM City urged to prioritise protecting public health amid social distancing

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