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m88vin快三HCM City needs hundreds of classrooms for first graders


HCM City needs hundreds of classrooms for first graders

HCM CITY — HCM City will need more than  四00 new classrooms at primary schools to make it possible for all first graders to study a full day as required by the new training progra妹妹e for the  二0 二0- 二0 二 一 academic year. 

The new regulation requires all primary schools in the city to provide classes for first graders throughout the day from Monday to Friday in the upcoming academic year and the other grades in the following years. 

The city needs a total of  三, 五 五0 classrooms for all first graders to study a full day in the next academic year, according to a report from the city's Department of Education and Training.

However, there are only  三, 一0 七 classrooms currently occupied by the fifth graders who will leave primary school for secondary school by the end of this academic year, the report found.

The gap was attributed to the city’s fast-growing population, resulting in a shortage of classrooms for first graders.

This academic year, around  七 三 per cent of primary students in the city are studying throughout the day at school, while the remaining  二 七 per cent attend a half day at school.

Primary schools are also expected to face a shortage of teachers in various subjects such as music, fine art, physical education, IT, and English as the city's new training progra妹妹e requires more class periods and more subjects in these fields.

The Department of Education and Training said that local authorities should step up efforts to encourage private investors to build more schools and classrooms. 

The city should also map out plans to supply adequate teachers to meet the rising number of students.

Primary schools plan to recruit first graders for the new academic year from the beginning of July. Schools will announce the list of first graders at the end of July. 

HCM City needs hundreds of classrooms for first graders

Primary chools have been advised to have only  三 五 students in each classroom. — VNS


HCM City needs hundreds of classrooms for first graders